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Bar to Reenlistment

The Bar to Reenlistment is not a punitive action but is designed for use as a rehabilitative tool. Imposition of a Bar to Reenlistment does not preclude administrative separation at a later date. The Bar to Reenlistment should be initiated prior to a separation or judicial/nonjudicial action because it is intended to put the soldier on notice that-
(1) He or she is not a candidate for reenlistment.
(2) He or she may be a candidate for separation if the circumstances that led to the Bar to Reenlistment are not overcome. Soldiers will be advised exactly what is expected in order to overcome the Bar to Reenlistment and be given explicit timetables to overcome the reasons for the bar.

Mandatory Bar to Reenlistment
IAW AR 601-280, para 8-4e: Commanders must initiate a bar to reenlistment or separation proceedings (as applicable per AR 635-200) against Soldiers who meet the following criteria. Commanders are not required to initiate a bar to reenlistment on Soldiers who were promoted, selected for promotion by a HQDA promotion board for SFC-MSG, or reenlisted after the below listed incident(s) occurred.

(1) Do not make satisfactory progress in the Army Body Composition Program (see AR 600-9)

(2) Fail two consecutive APFT (See AR AR 350-41)

(3) Are removed for cause from NCOES courses (see glossary definition)

(4) Have lost PMOS qualification IAW DA Pam 611-21 due to fault of the Soldier.

(5) Are denied by the Commander for automatic integration onto the SGT or SSG promotion standing list IAW AR 600-8-19, para 3-17.

(6) Have an incident involving the use of illegal drugs or alcohol within the current enlistment/reenlistment period resulting in an officially filed letter of reprimand, a finding of guilty under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, a civilian criminal conviction, or a conviction by court-martial.

(7) Have two or more separate proceedings under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice resulting in a finding of guilty by a field grade commander during the Soldier’s current enlistment or period of service

(8) Are AWOL more than 96 hours during the current enlistment/reenlistment period.

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