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FY14 Active Component SFC Promotion Board Announcement

Army Directive 2013-15, NCO Promotions | FY14 Retention Boards | Government Shutdown; Paychecks delayed | SSD MILPER Message

MILPER Message 13-277 - A Department of the Army selection board is scheduled to convene at the DA Secretariat (DAS), Fort Knox, KY on 4 February 2014 to consider eligible Soldiers for promotion to SFC. Additional board missions include conduct of the Qualitative Management Program (QMP) and stand-by advisory boards, as needed.

Eligibility criteria for promotion consideration to SFC. All SSD-III and ALC qualified SSGs with a DOR of 5 February 2011 and earlier and with a BASD between 5 February 1995 and 5 February 2008 (both dates inclusive). Primary zone DOR is 5 February 2010 and earlier. Secondary zone DOR is 6 February 2010 thru 5 February 2011.

SSGs who are authorized continued service based on a Retention Control Point (RCP) of 23 years (grandfathered as a result of the FY11 reduction to the SSG RCP) and have a BASD from 6 February 1993 thru 4 February 1994 will be eligible provided the military education level (SSD-III) and time in grade requirements (above) are also met.

Read the complete MILPER Message ---> FY14 Active Component SFC Promotion Board Announcement

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