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Retention Control Points (RCP)

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**ALERT** ALARACT 057-2016, Involuntary Separation Pay for RCP Clarification

Above chart is effective 1 October 2016
Further Guidance --> MILPER Message 16-283, Change to RCP for Enlisted Soldiers Serving in the Regular Army or under the AGR Title 10 Programs
Further Guidance --> ALARACT Message 085-2016, Release of Implementation Guidance for the RCP Changes Pertaining to Army Directive 201­6-1­9, Retaining a Quality NCO Corps
Army Directive 2016-19 (Retaining a Quality NCO Corps)

1. Active service is defined as service on active duty.
2. SGM/CSM serving in nominative positions where organizations are commanded by general officers, Sergeants Major that serve as the principle staff SGM at the HQDA level may also be considered nominative, and certain other SGM position considered as nominative at the discretion of the Sergeant Major of the Army are authorized to serve beyond 30 years total active service while serving in these positions. In these cases, the SGM/CSM Expiration of Term of Service (ETS)/RCP will be established by HQDA as their projected change of responsibility date (PCORD) plus three months. SGM/CSM must submit their retirement 8-12 months from the established ETS date. Those who fail to submit retirement before PCORD will be reclassified in Special Reporting Code (SRC) 09U (see note 3).
3. The RCP for Soldiers classified in SRC 09U is 9 months from the effective date of classification.

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